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Recently established, Stephanie Howsam Landscape Architecture is a progressive and tailored design consultancy, committed to maintaining a reputation for quality, formed over 20 years of experience.

Our focus is on crafting destinations, from hotels and private homes, to parks and urban spaces, each with distinctive cultural relevance and an environmental bias.


Combining our experience of complex projects with commercial and political acuity, we understand that creativity, flexibility and practicality contribute equally to assert an adaptive response. With collaboration at our core, we work with clients and inter-disciplinary teams to design places defined by a human connection with nature. 


Stephanie Howsam

Stephanie is a Chartered (UK) Landscape Architect with 20 years experience gained in established practices within the private and luxury sectors. With particular expertise in hospitality design and a strong conceptual and operational approach, she provides a specialised perspective on hotel and resort, residential, commercial and leisure projects. 

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